It's become commonplace for listeners and critics to compare A$AP Rocky's sound to a Houston aesthetic in the months since the Harlem rapper first gained Internet stardom. Though he's been gaining more mainstream acceptance recently, helped by his single, "Goldie," Rocky still has his critics.

Over the weekend, Mike Dean, known for his work producing and mixing with Kanye West, as well as with Southern legends like Scarface, voiced his displeasure with certain artists' re-appropriation of the Houston sound. "we need some new H TOWN RAPPERS to blow up. WHY THE FUCK THERE ALL THESE FAKE ASS HOUSTON KNOCK OFF ARTISTS FROM UP NORTH AND WEST ‪#GAY‬," he tweeted. "I MEAN REP WHERE YOU ARE FROM NOT US."

Before long, Yams, Rocky's manager and fellow A$AP member, caught wind of the tweets, and took them as subliminal shots. "THE NEW GENERATION IS A MELTING POT OF INFLUENCES FROM EVERY WHERE GET OFF THAT OLD HEAD SHIT," the New York native retorted.

Bun B soon got involved, and tried to put out the flames. "you put in enough work in this game to feel how you wanna feel..that's on you..but keep Chad name out of it. All I ask," the UGK member tweeted at Dean, referencing his late groupmate, Pimp C.

In turn, Dean obliged: "ok i'm done. gotta respect when the o.g. asks me to shut it down. :)"

Still, that didn't mean Rocky and co. were totally ready to move past the shots. Yesterday, the Polo Grounds signed MC opened up on the incident. "He was just talkin' subliminal about Northern people," Rocky told MTV's RapFix Live. "You gotta look at it like even Bun B embraces us, and we look up to him too. Not only that, it's love when we're out in the H-Town, and on top of that, he was bumpin' us. This Mike dude was bumpin' us before we got hot. Why stop now? Everybody else you around bumpin' us and soundin' like us."

A$AP Rocky's single "Goldie" hit No. 88 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart this week. —Adam Fleischer

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