UPDATE: Lisamarie Wade—the woman who claimed that she was assaulted by A$AP Rocky at Made In America Festival last year—is suing the Harlem native. The criminal charges against Rocky were dismissed in May but now it is reported that Wade sued A$AP Rocky, A$AP Mob, Live Nation Entertainment, Roc Nation and the John Doe security employers and employees and event organizers and subcontractors according to Courthouse News Service.

Wade claims that she suffers from the attack and experiences "muscle spasm, migraine headaches, intense pain that radiates from her shoulders and into her arms and fingers, and exacerbation of pre-existing conditions."


A woman has come forth claiming A$AP Rocky physically harmed her at the "Made In America" festival last weekend. According to TMZ the individual has now involved authorities, filing a criminal complaint at the District Attorney's Office.

"the alleged victim, a young mom, filed a criminal complaint with the District Attorney's Office today claiming she was attending the Made In America concert on Saturday when the rapper got violent", reports TMZ. Apparently while the rapper was trying to maneuver through the crowd, the woman whom was dancing began pulling on his shirt  after which Rocky responded with a blow to the face. Citing injuries, the victim has now taken the incident a step further and  the D.A.'s Office would like to investigate the matter, slamming Rocky with a misdemeanor assault charge.


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