A.CHAL finally makes his return. He drops his first song of 2017 after being inactive since the release his debut album Welcome to GAZI last year. He released his new single "To The Light" for fans consumption. The record is produced by A.CHAL and Phil Good Music, who blend a captivating guitar loop with powerful 808 drums. A.CHAL's songwriting shines on the record, reflecting on self-love and purpose.

"Blowin' all this cash on the things that never last/I don't want it, you can have it/Countin' up this bag while I'm smokin' out the bag/With my brother, yo roll another/Eyes bloodshed, marijuana/Staring at the eyes of my karma/I'm bumping Michael Jackson and Nirvana/I'm tryna find my way to Madonna," he croons.

We spoke to the Peru-born artist about his come up and his distinctive sound. "It’s like a blend of a lot of genres but to me, it’s coming from the soul so I think about soul," he said. "I know people like to limit that word with music and think about the ‘60s and ’70s when they mention soul but maybe those were some of the most honest times on the radio. I don’t know, but I would say soul."

If you're attending SXSW this year, check out A.CHAL in Austin, Texas this week.

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