Nearly one year after 6ix9ine was arrested on federal racketeering charges on Nov. 18, 2018, the rapper is expected to testify in the trial of two Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods affiliates in court when their trial starts next Monday (Sept. 9).

Prosecutors allege that Anthony "Harv" Ellison and Aljermiah "Nuke" Mack participated in various gang activities. They believe that Ellison was the person who kidnapped and robbed 6ix9ine last year. According to court documents obtained by XXL, both were indicted for participating in a racketeering conspiracy for their criminal involvement in Nine Trey, using and carrying firearms, which were brandished and discharged, in connection with the racketeering conspiracy.

Mack was also indicted for conspiracy to distribute heroin, fentanyl and MDMA and using and carrying a firearm in connection with the narcotics conspiracy. For his own set of separate charges, Ellison was indicted for using or carrying a firearm during and in relation to, or possessing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence, which was brandished, and two counts of violent crime in aid of racketeering. The former charge is thought to be related to 6ix9ine's kidnapping last year.

Based on listed information that coincides with Tekashi—namely the prosecution's listing of CW-2 (cooperating witness two) as having been kidnapped on July 22, 2018, and the prosecution's request for defense attorneys to ignore the witness' October 2015 sexual misconduct conviction—6ix9ine is expected to take the stand against the two men at some point during the trial even though his name isn't listed in the docs.

While prosecutors think 6ix9ine was kidnapped by Ellison, Ellison's attorney, Devereaux Cannick, says the abduction was faked for the sake of 6ix9ine's album promotion.

“No robbery or kidnapping or assault happened,” he told Page Six last month. “He was about to drop another album...gotta get that buzz up. That’s how he makes money.”

XXL has reached out to 6ix9ine's attorney for comment.

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