6ix9ine recently sealed his fate when he reportedly pleaded guilty to nine federal racketeering, weapons and drug charges and also named at least one of his associates in connection with a crime. Tekashi's actions have been a hot topic, but his girlfriend Jade is tired of people bashing her man.

On Saturday night (Feb. 2), she hopped on her Instagram Story to address people putting 6ix down. "I'm a just sit back and watch all these washed up rappers talk shit. Y'all got nothing better else to do," she posted. "Y'all clowns got too much time on ya hands. Fuck the Instagram shit y'all bitches and niggas be real life broke."

She added in a follow-up post, "2019 don't speak on shit you don't know facts on."

It appears she may have been addressing statements made by Snoop Dogg hours earlier, where the Cali rap legend appeared to call out Tekashi for snitching.

“Niggas is bustas, man. The era I come from, you couldn't tell on a nigga," Snoop said in the video. "Snitching, working with the federal government. After the government shutdown, the nigga decides to work with the federal government. I swear to god this new gang-banging shit is robotic to me."

Snoop isn't the only one to label the Brooklyn rapper a snitch.

Check out Tekashi's girl call out "washed up rappers" below.

_osoyoujade via Instgram
_osoyoujade via Instgram

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