6ix9ine may be gearing up for a European tour, but the rapper isn't taking a break from trolling Chief Keef.

According to a June 12 report from TMZ, the "Gummo" rapper's tour rider features the usual snacks and foods but there's also a request for a copy of Chief Keef's Bang 3, Pt. 2 in every dressing room. Seems like 6ix9ine is definitely trolling here, but he did say he was a fan.

Aside from the Chief Keef album, 6ix9ine's tour rider doesn't include anything else out of the ordinary. The "Billy" rapper reportedly asked for 69 bags of Skittles, chocolate chip cookies, three packs of Trident gum, two bags of Peanut M&Ms and a large bag of Twizzlers.

The feud between the two began in late-May when 6ix9ine dissed Keef and Lil Reese in a video posted on social media. "Nobody give a fuck about what y'all niggas did three years ago, I don't think y'all understand what I was talking about in my last video" the rapper said. "What y'all did four years ago, three years ago, live in y'all raps, y'all don't do. I know that personally."

The beef escalated a few days later when Chief Keef was shot at outside of a New York City hotel on June 2. While 6ix9ine denied being responsible for the shooting, he continued to troll the Chicago rapper, telling TMZ, "I guess Chief Keef—you know, he's a gangsta rapper. He promotes violence. I guess he has a lot of beef in these streets. I don't know who's he beefing with that wants to hurt him, but, it's definitely not me. I'm actually a fan."

6ix9ine's World Domination Tour kicks off on June 15 in Bratislava, Slovakia and continues through July 6 when the artist wraps up in Lieg, Belgium.

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