6ix9ine will have to remain behind bars despite the coronavirus outbreak, but not all hope is lost. According to court documents obtained by XXL on Thursday (March 25), the judge legally could not approve any type of early release for Tekashi. However, the judge did recommend that the rapper's lawyer Lance Lazzaro make the request with the Bureau of Prisons instead.

Lazzaro told TMZ that the judge's decision as a strong endorsement for the Bureau of Prisons to free the rapper, given the current circumstances. According to the judge, if he knew that there was a global pandemic like the coronavirus affecting the world, he would've sentenced 6ix9ine to serve the remaining four months of his sentence at home. We'll see if Lazzaro's request to the BOP is successful soon enough.


6ix9ine only has a few months left of his 24-month sentence to serve in prison, but the troubled rapper still wants to leave earlier than expected in order to protect his well-being. Tekashi is reportedly worried that he could catch the coronavirus before he's released.

According to federal documents obtained by XXL on Monday (March 23), 6ix9ine is shook over the fact that the coronavirus has made its way into prisons across the country. He wants to be released A.S.A.P. His lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, explained the severity of 6ix9ine's situation in a letter to Judge Paul A. Engelmayer, which was sent on Sunday (March 22).

In the letter, Lazzaro explained that Tekashi has asthma and has recently fought off other respiratory diseases like bronchitis and sinusitis late last year. The rapper's battle with these diseases was so intense that he had to be hospitalized because of it. Lazzaro also adds that Tekashi has been experiencing some shortness of breath while behind bars, but officials at the prison won't let him see a doctor.

XXL has reached out to Tekashi's lawyer for comment.

The Brooklyn rapper, who dropped his Dummy Boy album in 2018, is expected to be released from prison on Aug. 2, 2020. Upon his release, 6ix9ine is expected to jump back into his music career after he signed an eight-figure deal with 10K Projects last October.

6ix9ine will also have a few more legal hurdles to jump after his release. He's currently facing multiple lawsuits. The most expensive lawsuit comes from an unidentified woman who's suing for $150 million after she claims 6ix9ine was involved in a shooting that left her injured. Fashion Nova is also seeking $2.25 million dollars in damages after the clothing brand claims the rapper didn't fulfill the requirements of their promotional deal.

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