As he prepares to drop his upcoming album, 6ix9ine has seemingly confirmed that he's on Team Nicki Minaj for life. Last week, The Hollywood Fix posted a video of the rainbow-haired rapper and two women walking to a Beverly Hills Louis Vuitton store. Yesterday (Nov. 12) TMZ reported that the two women the "Fefe" rapper was walking with are actually the two strip club bartenders planning to sue Cardi B for assault.

According to the celebrity news site, Tekashi hired the women, two sisters who go by the names Jade and Baddie Gi, to appear in his new music video with Nicki and Kanye West. It's unclear what role they played in the video.

The shoot for the video Jade and Baddie Gi were set to appear in abruptly ended when gunshots were fired at the set of an $80 million dollar mansion last Thursday night. Tekashi and 'Ye were getting ready to begin production when eight gunshots were fired. No one was hit by any bullets.

Back in August, Jade and Baddie Gi, who both bartend at Angels Strip Club in New York City, claimed that Bardi's crew began throwing bottles and chairs at them and that the attack left them with serious injuries. Although Cardi reportedly didn't get into the brawl, Jade and Baddie Gi believe she hrew at least one of the bottles at them. Last month, Cardi B was formally charged with two misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment for her alleged involvement in the assault.

Watch 6ix9ine go shopping with Jade and Baddie Gi below.

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