600 Breezy is looking to make the most of his appearance on Drake's More Life playlist. The Chicago rapper puts his spin on Drizzy's "Free Smoke" for a brand new remix. Breezy's take on the track is more aggressive as he delivers some menacing verses on the Boi-1da production.

“Niggas know they can’t stand us/Subliminals on the cameras/Bada bing boom, I’ll blam ya/I’ll smoke you and your manager/Fake grills turning gums black/Took your glizzy, getcha gun back/We in the streets, nigga, fuck rap/I’ll bet a nigga like country black,” Breezy raps.

Breezy has been making moves in his hometown of Chicago, but the rapper got introduced to a whole new audience when he popped up on Drake's More Life. Breezy did not rap on the project, but his voice is heard on the track "Lose You."

“Six to six shit. 600 to 7-6, OVO, you know how we rocking. Shout out to my big brother Drizzy and More Life. Six to the world, gang shit,” Breezy says right before the song ends.

Breezy has no intention of letting the increased attention slip by him. The Windy City rhymer has already inked a distribution deal with EMPIRE for his Leading Scorer album, according to FakeShoreDrive.com. With his buzz at an all-time high, fans can expect to see Breezy drop the LP in the very near future.

Listen to 600 Breezy's version of "Free Smoke" below.

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