50 Cent's embodies the term entrepreneur and for his first move of the year, the business savvy rapper has partnered his SMS Audio line with NASCAR.

The venture is an associate sponsorship for Swan Racing that will advertise 50's company on both vehicles and driver suits. Jackson acknowledged the deal in an official statement, "Swan Racing and its up-and-coming drivers are the perfect match for SMS Audio.” He continued, “They are as passionate for the sport of racing as we are for our audio products, and we’re confident that the music-loving NASCAR fan base is going to enjoy our headphones.”

In addition, Brandon Davis released a statement of his own via NASCAR'S website: “He’s into cars, into muscle cars, into fast cars, high-end cars, exotic cars. And one thing I’ve learned with people in different areas is, once they experience a race, if they’re already into cars and speed, you go to a NASCAR race and you’re hooked. I’m sure that had something to do with it.”

Not only will the SMS logo be seen at a few races this year, but 50 Cent is contractually obligated to attend a few races in support of his sponsorship.