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50 Cent may have gotten a whole lot richer. 50 Cent posted the photo below last night (Dec. 15) on Instagram, with a caption that states he jus made a $78 million deal, ending with the hashtag #FRIGO, which is a reference to Frigo RevolutionWear.

Frigo RevolutionWear is an underwear brand that 50 Cent has been supporting for a while now; 50 hosted their launch party earlier this year.  Fellow New York celebrities Derek Jeter and Carmelo Anthony reportedly have stakes in Frigo as part owners. The brand announced a partnership with 50, Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony, and Timbaland on its Facebook page a few days ago. Frigo has not confirmed the monetary amount of the deal with 50, or what the deal exactly entails as of yet.

In an interview with Seth Meyers last night (Dec. 15), 50 Cent says that since women "spend so much on lingerie, [Frigo underwear] is the right project for men." 50 Cent says that the underwear was designed before his involvement, and that they haven't had to do any promotions for the underwear until now.

Frigo, which sells underwear for $100 a pair, seeks to "revolutionize the underwear industry by offering men optimal comfort, moisture control and support, with style and practicality in mind," according to its website.

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