50 Cent can usually be found on Instagram trolling and taking shots at UFC fighter Conor McGregor, but on Tuesday (April 10), the rapper weighed in on President Donald Trump's lawyer Michel Cohen following an FBI raid of his office.

The "Still Think I'm Nothing" rapper shared a clip of an MSBNC segment which featured journalist Ari Melber discussing what could happen to Cohen. "He gon' snap. He gon' tell all of it," 50 said. "They gon' say, 'We ain't even ask you that, Michael. Why you tell us that?' He said, 'I just thought you wanted to know.'"

Later in the video, 50 also addressed Melber, telling him, "Ari, he like Trump. Michael like Trump. But he don't like him enough to go do that time for 'em. He ain't from the neighborhood." In the caption of the post, 50 added, "If they indict Michael, he telling. He ain't built for that kind shit."

The rapper also got a shout out from Melber during the segment, who quoted one of 50's lyrics from his Power of the Dollar album. "When the feds come in the game loyalty is limited," Melber said, quoting the lyric from "I'm a Hustler."

FBI agents raided Cohen's apartment and office on Monday (April 19), as well as a hotel room he was using. The attorney called the raid "upsetting to say the least" but praised the FBI agents as "professional, courteous and respectful," Politico reports.

Check out 50 Cent's Instagram post below.

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