50 Cent keeps on getting richer. 50 Cent and EFFEN Vodka are in some type of partnership. Recently Fif has been promoting EFFEN very heavily through his Instagram page. During his posting spree while promoting EFFEN Vodka, 50 Cent took a shot at his competitor Ciroc and Diddy.

In a social media post, 50 Cent took an extremely ancient photo of the business mogul dancing with a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and made a meme that had fans in an uproar.

The caption on the photo read: "Dam...50's right, I'm EFFEN Up Right Now." Backlash followed shortly after the image was posted as fans of both the male and female persuasion went on the attack G-Unit's head honcho for the harsh message the picture gave off. The image was later taken down.

Were people being too sensitive or did 50 take it too far? Tell us your thoughts. XXL has reached out to EFFIN Vodka for clarity on their relationship with 50 Cent.