50 Cent may not support President Donald Trump, but that doesn't mean he won't acknowledge similarities between the polarizing president and his lyrics.

On Wednesday (Jan. 29), the New York rapper hopped on his Instagram page to co-sign MSNBC reporter Ari Melber's thoughts about Trump during his impeachment trial in a segment on The Beat With Ari Melber. Melber quoted a line from Fif’s 2003 song “Heat” from Fif's debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ when referring to Trump's bullishness over his impeachment trial.

"The argument that he presents is vintage 50 Cent,” he said. “I do what I want, I don't care if I get caught. The DA can play this tape in court.”

50 Cent agreed with Melber. "Yeah @arimelber Trump on some real gangsta shit. he gonna do it his way," he wrote in his IG post, adding his familiar hashtags #lecheminduroi, #bransoncognac, #starzgettheapp and #abcforlife Feb 11.

Just for the record, the actual lyric to the song is "I do what I gotta do, I don't care if I get caught/The D.A. can play this muthafuckin' tape in court."

Melber further added that Trump doesn't seem to care about the evidence against him in the trial. "There is a gangster thuggishness to that attitude. It’s not just hiding what you did, it’s actually that extra bravado," he said.

50, who did shows overseas last December, recently called out an MSNBC reporter over what she's called an unfortunate mispronunciation she made while covering Kobe Bryant's death this past Sunday (Jan. 26). The Power producer called out news anchor Alison Morris who appeared to have said the N-Word while describing Bryant's home team the Los Angeles Lakers.

"Did this bitch just say that on the air? #starzgettheapp #abcforlife Feb 11," 50 wrote in an IG post. "She gotta get fired for that."

Although Morris apologized for her remark, claiming she stuttered and accidentally said "Nakers," 50 wasn't buying it.

You can watch 50 Cent's post below.

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