50 Cent seems to be getting more and more confident as November gets closer.

Shortly after releasing “New Day,” the lead single off his upcoming album Street King Immortal, 50 took to his Twitter to tell fans just how good of an LP they’ll be getting in November.

“STREET KING IMMORTAL is going to be a classic,” ’Fif tweeted on Saturday (July 28).

“NEW DAY on iTunes tonight,” he added the next night on Sunday (July 29).

If his single is any indication whatsoever, then the G-Unit general should have plenty of reason to be so confident.

That’s because “New Day” has 50 alongside Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre. Already released by Keys as her own single, ’Fif’s version of “New Day” maintains A. Keys’s hook and Dre’s beat, but adds solid verses from Dre and 50.

“I’m built for it, see I’m better under pressure,” 50 spits on the track. “I react like a maniac when I’m coming to get ya. I got to win, Em’ watch and Dre watch and my son watching. Fuck that, losing ain't an option/I'm sharp, I'm on point/the ink from a ballpoint/pouring out my pain/I'm back on my A-game/I'm focused, for me this is just another victory/except I'm stronger than an ox now mentally."

Before that, Dre raps on the opening verse:

“I woke up this morning thinking ’bout the old me. When I was feeling like, Miller Light and Olde E. But now I ride on some conscious shit. I’m getting bread while I toast to my accomplishments."

Although an exact release date in November for Street King Immortal has yet to be announced, the project definitely seems to be picking up momentum.

Despite on-and-off again turbulence with his longtime label home Interscope, 50 did make sure to comment that the imprint’s chairman Jimmy Iovine co-signed the album in a major way.

“Jimmy iovine said STREET KING IMMORTAL is the best album I’v made sense GET RICH OR DIE TRYING,” 50 tweeted earlier last week.—Jakinder Singh

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