50 Cent and producer Will Packer are developing a new comedy for Fox called My Friend 50. Since 50 Cent is never one to miss an opportunity to brag, the Queens rapper took to Instagram to boast about this.

"Now you know I ain't bullshitting, I got Will (Green Lit) Packer on the team," 50 Cent said. "We walk in pitch, then walk out with bag full of money."

Someone in the comments posted that 50 Cent still owed $7 million, referencing the money he owes Lastonia Leviston. Leviston, the mother of Rick Ross' child, sued 50 Cent for emotional stress caused by the G-Unit rapper leaking her sex tape online. She won the lawsuit earlier this year, but 50 Cent has yet to pay any of the court ordered sum.

50 Cent respond to commenter, "Oh I'm gonna owe that." Clearly 50 Cent has no intentions to pay Leviston in the near future. Leviston recently raised concerns about the amount of money 50 Cent was paying lawyers in his bankruptcy filing while he fails to compensate her. 50 Cent reportedly spent $50,000 on hotels for his legal team and $14,000 in legal research.

This is just the latest chapter in the 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross saga, but Ross feels the situation is over. Earlier today (Dec. 2), Ross declared their beef dead.

"This situation is dead, it’s beneath me on a lot of levels,” Ross said on Ebro in the Morning. “I made that statement on IG and I meant it… it’s the truth and I meant it. And I’m still processing the application, and if you ever want to see Rozay you could book me. I’ll come to you mama house…I’ll bring Wingstop too. So for the 20th time, I never entertain that, you should never entertain that. Rozay ain’t nobody you want to come see. That’s just life.”

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