Another chapter has been added to the ongoing 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef. 50 Cent is reportedly suing Rick Ross for Ross' use of "In Da Club" on the Renzel Remixes mixtape. 50 Cent filed the lawsuit in Connecticut according to TMZ.

50 Cent's lawsuit says that Rick Ross used "In Da Club" without 50's permission and used the song for publicity of Ross' recently released album Black Market. 50 Cent wants $2 million for Ross using his famous song without permission.

It's become clear that 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef won't be coming to an end anytime soon, at least on 50's part. A few weeks ago, the G-Unit rapper interrupted an interview to make fun of Rick Ross' projected album sales for Black Market.

"Is that a rock or is that a brick?” 50 Cent asked the people in the room as he looked up Rick Ross' sales numbers. “34,388 copies and you know they went and bought some. Anybody would’ve panicked when you saw the number trending.”

This came after Rick Ross tried his best to put an end to the beef. Ross appeared on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning and said the situation was dead.

"This situation is dead, it’s beneath me on a lot of levels,” Ross said. “I made that statement on IG and I meant it… it’s the truth and I meant it. And I’m still processing the application, and if you ever want to see Rozay you could book me. I’ll come to you mama house…I’ll bring Wingstop too. So for the 20th time, I never entertain that, you should never entertain that. Rozay ain’t nobody you want to come see. That’s just life.”

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