It looks like 50 Cent is off of Instagram—at least for now.

On Wednesday (Nov. 13), fans began to notice that 50's page on the popular social network was no longer available. While the G-Unit rapper remained active on Twitter, he did not mention a reason for this page being down so it is unclear whether it's disabling was self-imposed or a ban from the folks at Instagram themselves.

50Cent via Instagram
50Cent via Instagram

As recently as Sunday (Nov. 10), 50 was active on Instagram, commenting on a meme Snoop Dogg posted that poked fun at T.I.'s comment about going to the gynecologist with his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah Harris.

“Yeah man, what the fuck was T.I. talking about. LOL,” 50 wrote under Snoop's meme.

The Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper often used Instagram to troll his enemies and even his friends. It's created some friction for him along the way. In an Oct. 2019 interview, pro-UFC fighter Conor McGregor revealed that he wanted to get in the ring with 50 over his trolling memes.

"I’d have to probably say 50 Cent, I’d like to fight him," McGregor said. "Throughout the course of the [Floyd] Mayweather build-up I used him as a tool, a promotional tool on the free also, I knew he was linked to Floyd so I tied him in also and he responded big time and we capitalized on that audience so I was very thankful. But then after that, he began a little tirade against me on social media, particularly Instagram where he’d make these memes about me constantly."

As of press time, 50 Cent has yet to comment on his Instagram account's deactivation.

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