If time heals all wounds then a reconciliation between 50 Cent and The Game has been 11 years in the making. The two were spotted kicking it together Monday night (Aug. 1) at Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles, according to TMZ, and Game even commented on the amends made, saying in a Twitter video below, "I feel no certain way. I fuck with 50. What happened, that shit was 12 years ago, niggas ain't on that shit... Ain't nobody on that old shit."

There was a notion leading up to Monday that tensions had quelled between the two former collaborators, as the two were seen partying among one another back in March at Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood. A few days prior, Game had given 50 props for his Effen vodka, saying "I started drinking Effen Vodka and I thought this bullshit is actually amazing.” However, strides must have been made since then, for just a few days after, 50 Cent called a photo that Game and Lloyd Banks had taken a publicity stunt.

With the internal G-Unit beef squashed, perhaps now fans get a full reunion, something The Game dismissed back in May. "I can’t see that happening no time in the near future,” he said. “He doin’ his thing man, I’m doin’ my thing." Except, for the first time in over a decade, Game and 50 were doing the same "thing" at the same time and all was well.

Check the video above to see the two embrace.

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