UFC Lightweight champion Conor McGregor sparked all types of rumors when he obtained a boxing license from the state of California. The move prompted speculation that McGregor was trying to set up a bout with boxing great Floyd Mayweather. Apparently Mayweather wants it to happen, at least according to 50 Cent and UFC President Dana White.

White appeared on Fox Sports Live yesterday (Dec. 6) and told a story about Mayweather's supposed interest in the fight. White claimed that during a conversation with 50 Cent, the rapper relayed Mayweather's desire to book a super-fight with McGregor.

"I was at dinner in New York for [UFC] 205, and we bumped into each other at dinner," White said. "So we were hanging out, we were talking for awhile, and then I went over and sat back at my table and I ate. And then when we were leaving, he said to me, 'When’s your boy gonna fight Floyd?' And I said, 'My boy? Who are you talking about, Conor?' And he said, 'Yeah.' I said, 'Floyd don’t want to fight Conor.' And he goes, 'He does, Dana. He’s dead serious about it.' And I said, 'I don’t know, man. Call Floyd and see what’s going on.'"

A McGregor vs. Mayweather bout is a longshot at best with many hurdles in its way. McGregor's UFC contract does not allow him to compete in boxing, and Mayweather has no interest in competing in MMA.

McGregor obtaining a boxing license is likely a leverage move against the UFC, which needs his star power to sell pay-per-views. The UFC Lightweight champ is looking for a more lucrative contract, including an ownership stake in the company.

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