50 Cent posted a 35-minute video while getting driven through Chicago that touched on a wide-array of topics. While bopping along to K Camp's "Comfortable," Fif says he was down in Atlanta and has a new project on the way with production from Sonny Digital, London on da Track, 808 Mafia, Zaytoven and Don Cannon and, interestingly, detailed the fall out between him and Sha Money XL.

“When the the money came, when the check came, Sha [Money XL] started going like everybody else, just started reaching in my pockets,” said Fifty. “Trying to get the money, as much money as they could get. He charged the most he’s every charged for a track for ‘Blood Hound’ on Get Rich or Die Tryin'. I said, ‘Cool, just give him the money.’ Then he came back around and said, ‘How do you charge for studio time?’”

The rapper went on to detail how Sha supposedly asked 50 for money for all the studio time the rapper had used at Sha's studio.

“He asked for $50,000,” 50 Cent adds. “I said, ‘Cool.’ Then I thought about it and I said, ‘If I give him $50,000, that’s it, because he’s been paid for all of his services, everything.’ I said, ‘Nah, don’t take $50,000. Take $30,000 and a point, $30,000 and a point on the sales on my record.’ That one point was worth $1.3 million, because we sold 13 million records on that first album. So I gave him $1.33 million instead of $50,000. And then, after the record took off and sold so many copies, Jimmy [Iovine] and them came around but [Sha Money XL] didn’t take no risk. He took all of his money off the table. And then, Jimmy Iovine came around and G-Unit Records was ready. So, they cut the check for G-Unit Records, they gave me $15 million. When I get the $15 million, I see them round again, looking like they ready to start reaching into my pockets again. So I told them, ‘You ain’t getting none of that money, because you took your equity out of the situation immediately. You were paid for everything you’ve done.’”

Fif continued to explain more about what happened with him and Sha over the years, not without a few tangents of course, and gives a pretty detailed history of his come up and more.

In between talking to the camera, Fifty continued his social media smear campaign of French Montana, Diddy and Ciroc:

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