50 Cent says he's still lending money to rap superstars and now he wants them to pay up...by Monday.

On Tuesday (June 11), the rap mogul jumped on his Instagram account and claimed that three rappers are on now on his list of celebrities who owe him money.

In the video, a groggy 50 claims that Dave East, Fabolous and Don Q owe him money after a night of debauchery. “That nigga Dave East owe me money, Fabolous owe me money and...Don Q owe me money now,” he says to the camera.

Apparently, 50 spent the past weekend hosting several party events in Atlanta. Somehow the aforementioned rappers are now on his radar for owning him money. On Monday (June 10), Don Q hopped on his IG account to reach out to Fif and tell him he’s ready to pay up.

“Man I be partying with this nigga 50 Cent all weekend," Q said. "We are in the club and this nigga be passing me bottles every 15 minutes, I don’t know how much this shits cost I ain’t spend no money. I just want to make sure I don’t owe you nothing," he said in the clip.

Although the Bronx rapper doesn't know how much he could owe the Power creator, he's willing to work out some type of payment plan with 50.

"If I do [owe you money], hit me up and let’s clear the tab, I ain’t trying to burn no bridges. I need to be in the TV shows son that you got coming up," Don Q stated. "Let’s sit down, let’s talk, let’s figure this out. Cash app, wire, whatever you need, let’s solve this shit ASAP. You already know.”

It should be noted that 50 Cent's claims of celebrities owing him money are seemingly pretty playful in nature. After dragging singer and Power star Rotimi on Instagram for a few days a few weeks ago, 50 doubled back and said that he had no issues with the actor.

Check out 50 Cent's post-strip club video confessionals below as well as Don Q's vid to 50.

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