If 50 Cent is still suffering from financial woes, he isn't showing it, as the rapper was spotted in the Bronx pushing an unbelievably flashy looking whip. Based on the above Instagram video and a little Internet digging, it appears the car is 50's two-toned Rolls Royce

50 is making a bit of a habit of rolling out in such extravagant style, as earlier this month, he was seen pushing a gold Bentley, and was all smiles as he made his way from his car to the venue that was awaiting him. While Fif is still on the hook for a number of expenses, including $6 million to Lastonia Leviston, the mother of Rick Ross' child who won a lawsuit against 50 for a leaked sex tape, the fact that he's rolling around in such pricey whips seems to suggest that his assets are safe.

Or, the public displays of wealth can be seen as a tactic laid out by 50's lawyers in bankruptcy court when they posited that the rapper flashed money on Instagram as a visage of aspirational income to his fans and followers. "[The fans] want their favorite rapper to be rich. Money is important to them. And you look at his pre-bankruptcy persona, look at some of the videos – money is important. Filing the bankruptcy, by definition, presented a real challenge as to how it’s gonna be handled,” 50's lawyer said back in March.

It's said that stunting is a habit, so perhaps 50 knows no other way. Watch him maneuver the eye-popping whip amid a crowd of fans in the video above.