50 Cent thinks self-quarantines caused by the coronavirus pandemic will result in negative consequences on many people's health.

Much like everyone in the U.S., Fif is practicing self-distancing in an attempt to combat the virus. However, the Power co-producer had time to give the Wall Street Journal an interview, which they published on Monday (March 23). In the interview, 50 detailed his isolation experience and shared his thoughts on being quarantined.

“This is day five, right here. I feel there are no safer options out here. There’s not much,” he stated. “I guess when I want to go to the gym I’ll go to a track and I’ll just run outside. Still, you know what they say, keep your social distance. [I’m] being conscious of that.”

Although he plans to stay healthy while under quarantine, 50 thinks that other people will not stay physically active and become unhealthy while in isolation.

“But a lot of people are not making adjustments, so they’re just going to sit home and they’re going to get fat,” he told WSJ. “They’ll get fat.”

50, who had to cancel his gigs in the wake of the health crisis, said that he’s relying on athletic women on social media to keep him in shape instead of using a personal trainer.

“Yeah, on Instagram, stuff like that. For me, it’s something like, I don’t want to not be able to do it when it’s a girl telling me to do it,” he explained. “When you’re training legs, you should definitely train with women, because that’s all they train. After a while you’re like, ‘Yo, what is this?’ You know what I’m saying? Like, ‘What the fuck you all been doing in here?'”

Other rappers are keeping themselves busy during their quarantine. Rappers like Travis Scott, Tyler The Creator and Roddy Ricch are making beats in their home studios. Meanwhile, Cassidy, Guapdad 3000, Papoose and others are spitting "corona bars" during their isolation.

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