UPDATE:  50 Cent's relentless assault of Floyd Mayweather's reading ability continues. He posted another photo of Mayweather, this time as a warning to the boxer. The caption read, " Champ if you keep calling people about this. I'm not gonna STOP!!! Leave it alone. You are my little brother you can't beat me."

When will this end?


Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be the king of the ring, but 50 Cent is on top of his game when it comes to making spectacles of people once they get on his bad side. If you thought Floyd Mayweather's big money boast would end things, you were wrong. The hilarious drama between the two former homies continues as Fif is not impressed with the boxer's bank account and says so in a recent Instagram post (above). In the video, Fif questions why Floyd would try to flex on him money wise even barking, "You work for Oscar, bitch?," citing Floyd's checks bearing Golden Boy Promotions' name. "I guess you want people to see your math is better then your reading. Get a account Floyd, the people around you are using you.if you mad at me call me or come see me," he captioned the post. Curtis also hit the boxer with a couple low blows, posting photoshopped pictures that continue to clown Mayweather's reading acumen.

How long do you think this will go on? Are you not entertained?

Peep the video, above.

[via Complex]