Talk of 50 Cent's true finances are reaching an all time high, as the rapper continues to make his case in bankruptcy court. Late last month it was reported that 50's assets figure to total around $64 million, a steeper margin than the $16 million previously reported. Part of the struggle to make sense of 50's financial woes is that, in accordance with his profession, 50 often posts photos online of himself with a jaw-dropping amount of cash. These photos are so alarming that in February, 50 was ordered to court to explain them.

But now that explanation is finally coming out: the cash shown by 50 is not real U.S. tender. According to the Hartford Courant, 50 said in a statement filed to the court that the bills are merely props. While 50 is trying to bolster his bankruptcy case, he may be doing so at the expense of his rap reputation. From prop money to rented cars, rappers have always caught flak for fake stunting, but in this case 50's actually using it to his advantage in court.

Posing with fake bills might be a better look than posting an image that is otherwise unoriginal, though. 50 got caught in January for using a news image of buckets of money on his own Instagram, passing it off as his own. Copyright infringement aside, it raised collective eyebrows as to the image of wealth 50 was projecting and why he would have to resort to such tactics. The news of the fake bills at least agrees with the notion that 50's online persona isn't as in line with real life.

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