50 Cent is pissed with AT&T. As if he didn't have enough problems on his hands, ongoing negotiations between Starz and AT&T U-verse puts 500,000 AT&T users at risk of missing the second half of the second season Power.

Yesterday, the rap mogul and Power executive producer, lashed out at the telecommunications corporation in a series of Instagram captions calling out the company as racists and urging Power fans to switch cable providers. "Man Im sorry I have to say this, but AT&T is racist they have had issues in the past and here we go again. 500,000 homes will not be able to view the next episode of POWER," he wrote.

He later posted a screen shot of an April Associated Press article that claimed the company fired their president for making racist remarks and tweets, noting, "When this was happening they were saying they had the STARZ and other networks that created programming targeting multiple ethnicity's now I guess (THERE NOT FUCKING WITH NIGGAS).SMH"

He wasn't finished with his disdain. "Change your cable package from AT&T to anything else," he typed. "It's 2015 and these people are still racist. They are dropping all channels that are considered urban friendly. This sh!t is sad...If your a fan of POWER and you have AT&T as a cable carrier, you will no longer see it. Switch to Anything but AT&T...I felt like I was doing something with POWER,making film a television under stand people of other ethnicity's can create projects that every one enjoys AT&T just set me back 500,000 viewers SMH...AT&T & Direct TV merger is in the government regulatory's hand. The biggest telecom tv deal in history, they can't be trusted not to bully the networks. The deal hasn't happened yet and they already pushing the limits! With racist in charge we are going to be set back...It's just a set back to the 500,000 AT&T viewers that won't see POWER next week. It's AT&T's fault. The show is great you will hear about it."

A Starz spokesperson said in a statement given to The Hollywood Reporter: "Starz is in ongoing negotiations with AT&T U-verse to continue distributing its 30 STARZ and ENCORE channels and services at a fair and reasonable rate. Without a new agreement, the millions of AT&T customers who have chosen to subscribe and pay for STARZ and ENCORE will be at risk of losing these channels and the popular original programming like Power and Outlander, as well as thousands of movies. Starz has enjoyed a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with AT&T until now. We are hopeful AT&T will negotiate in good faith and that we will reach a fair agreement that allows its customers to continue to get great entertainment at a good value."

According to Starz, Power is the biggest series in the network's history.