The release of 50 Cent's comeback LP, Animal Ambition, is two weeks away and Fif is amping up his merchandise game to help sell copies of the album. Through his website's shop, Fifty is selling an Animal Ambition tee-shirt and CD for $40, a CD, tee-shirt, and signed poster for $65, and a CD, tee-shirt, signed poster, and headphones for $180.

For five stacks, Fifty was also offering five copies of the deluxe CD, five signed posters, SMS headphones, three limited edition tee-shirts, and an opportunity to "hang out with 50 at his mansion in Connecticut for the weekend and get to experience the good life." The bundle has already sold out.

Fifty has been putting in a ton of work between doing interviews and dropping music for Animal Ambition and is doing all he can to ensure that the project is a success.


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