Years back, there was a commercial for toys called Micro Machines, and the announcer talked so fast that you couldn’t catch a single word that he said. Maybe that was his shtick, and he was actually telling everyone the cars were so small that you could choke on them if you accidentally ate one (Who would do that though?). The point of annunciating at such a high speed is to impress spectators as they watch/hear you breeze through your thoughts while still sounding somewhat coherent. That’s a gift, especially in hip-hop.

The most common style of fast-rapping is often called “Chopper,” and it started in the Midwest and slowly made its way worldwide. We’ve had rappers over time spit with swift ferocity, but it’s about maintaining the integrity of lyricism while speed rhyming. Here a few of those artists for your listening pleasure. Some you probably have heard of, while others are really worth checking out.

Twista is arguably one of the forefathers of Chopper rap. However, it wasn’t until fellow Chi-Town native Kanye West aligned with Twista that the rap world really took notice on a mass scale. Now he’s unfuckwitable.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Whether separate or apart, Bone Thugs can charge up any song with their high-speed antics. Their other gift though is harmonizing in the middle of it all, so in one moment you’re wowed by their lyricism and another you’re humming to their melodies.

Tech N9ne
Sure, Tecca Nina can rhyme faster than a marathon runner eyeballing a finish line. It’s his delivery though that wins everyone over. With his aggressively gruff cadence coupled with the swift bars, Tech N9ne makes every verse sound like a thorough pummeling.

Krizz Kaliko
Krizz Kaliko is a fellow member of the Strange Music empire, and while he’s a master at singing, he can also slap around some fast bars like it’s his job. Perhaps that really is in the job description over at Strange? Be dope: Check. Rhyme fast: Check.

Busta Rhymes
Younger heads might not have realized Busta Rhymes had it in him to rhyme like he’s caught in a tornado. Then Busta jumped on Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” a few years ago and reclaimed his throne. Now there’s just no stopping him.

We’ve already acknowledged Rittz as the most Slept-On member of Strange Music and now here we are crediting him as being one of the fastest rhyme-spitters. This must be his lucky month. You’re welcome, Rittz.

Z-Ro may hail from Houston, where everything’s slowed, chopped and screwed, but that doesn’t stop him from flipping bars with quick precision. It’s a stark contrast to the sound of his stomping grounds.

Have you forgotten that Eminem knows how to rhyme really fast? Yeah, we did too, but check his back catalog. He knows how to, and quite well in fact.

E-40 is one of those rappers that can trick you into thinking he’s about to chill out. Then he turns around and delivers some lyrical hurricane, and you’re like “Whoa whoa whoa. We weren’t prepared for all of that.”

NYC’s Tonedeff refers to his style of rhyming as syllable flips. That’s because he takes words, steals their lunch money, and stuffs them into a locker. Tonedeff can body slam the beat with his rhymes.

Young Blaze
It’s hard to really put into words just how fast Young Blaze really is. Just listen to “344 Words In One Minute,” and then get back to us. Thank us later.

Mac Lethal
Sure, rhyming fast is really awesome, but having people know exactly what you’re saying is even more awesome. Mac Lethal possesses that gift. His fast rhymes are still coherent enough to be quotables.

Eminem totally passed the baton for high power rhymes to Shady 2.0 recruit Yelawolf. Now he’s the one firing off with ricocheting rhymes. His words get white boy wasted when he’s done with them.

Irv Da Phenom
PHENOM! That’s what you’ll be chanting after you check out this Kansas City native’s refreshing breed of Chopper rap. The next of kin has arrived.

Young Chozen
Check out L.A.’s Young Chozen. His rhymes are fast, and his story is intense. You’ll be glad that you took a listen.

While the rest of Houston was sippin’ on sizzurp, Chamillionaire was guzzling caffeine, rhyming fast (and ridin’ dirty). Now he still holds one of the top spots in Chopper rap, while still repping hard for H-Town.

Trae Tha Truth
Trae Tha Truth doesn’t always rhyme fast, but when he does he makes it count. When his slick delivery gets supercharged, it’s game over.

It’s been a while since Mystikal really confused the hell out of his with his speedy bars. Bring us back like you’re still in the No Limit Army, Mystikal!

Big Pun
We can’t forget the purveyor of breath control and fast bars. Rest In Peace, Pun. One of the greatest to ever do it.

Jaz-O gave Jay Z his high-speed flow. Then Jay ditched it to go run the world. Go figure.

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