Back in October, 2 Chainz released the Mike Dean-produced banger "Good Drank" featuring Gucci Mane and Quavo. Today (Jan. 19), Tityboi delivers the accompanying music video.

Throughout the four-minute clip, the Atlanta artists play the role of prohibition-era bootleggers. However, 2 Chainz, Guwop and Quavo are not in the alcohol business; instead, they're kingpins of purple drank. Keeping with the 1920s theme, everything in the video is shot in black-and-white, except for the vivid purple substance. You can watch the Tityboi, Wop and Quavo get the party going above via YouTube.

Gucci does his thing on the track's final verse, spitting, "Your trunk in the front/Well check this out my top in the trunk/You play with my money/Then check this out your pop in the trunk/Three mill in a month/But I just did three years on a bunk/Oh, you in a slump/I'm headed to Oakland like Kevin Durant."

"Good Drank" appeared on 2 Chainz's 2016 mixtape Hibachi for Lunch, one of several projects he put out in 2016 along with Felt Like Cappin,’ Daniel Son; Necklace Don and Collegrove with Lil Wayne. Tityboi is primed for a major 2017 as well, as he recently announced his new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is coming out April 7.

The 39-year-old Chainz has new music with both Drake and Justin Bieber on the way, so it's safe to say he'll have at least a couple smash singles on his hands.

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