BET recently took their Instagram to announce the return of the popular adult show, BET Uncut. The nightly show, which aired on the network from 2001-2006, introduced viewers to the most explicit and sexual music videos to come out at the time.

Airing controversial videos such as Nelly's "Tip Drill" and Ludacris' "P-Poppin'," BET provided an innovative and first-of-a-kind platform for artists to showcase their raunchy music videos. With the show airing in the late hours of the night, Uncut's five-year run on the network became a hit amongst male viewers of BET.

With the show returning to television programming once again on Tuesday, Aug. 11, viewers will tune into BET to check out the new direction of Uncut which airs now at 11P/10C. As we anticipate the return of Uncut, here's 16 of the most memorable music videos to ever air on BET Uncut.

Artists: Nelly Feat. St. Lunatics
Track: "Tip Drill"

Artist: Black Jesus
Track: "What That Thang Smell Like"

Artists: Mike Jones Feat. Slim Thug and Paul Wall
Track: "Still Tippin'''

Artist: Black Mask
Track: "Nasty Chic"

Artist: The Mighty Casey
Track: "White Girls"

Artist: Wax-A-Million
Track: "No Panties On"

Artist: Lil' Flip
Track: "You'ze A Trick"

Artist: Crazy Al Cayne
Track: "T&A"

Artist: Preacha
Track: "Shake That Shit"

Artist: 50 Cent
Track: "Inferno"

Artists: Federation
Track: "Donkey"

Artists: Joker The Bailbondsman, Phenom, and Max
Track: "Ladies Coming Over"

Artist: Chingy
Track: "Right Thurr"

Artists: Filthy Rich Feat. Neesha
Track: "Super Ho"

Artist: Jackie-O
Track: "Nookie"

Artist: N.E.R.D. Feat. Lee Harvey and Vita
Track: "Lapdance"

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