The summer is over. Sure, technically, the summer doesn't end until September 21, but for all intents and purposes, the season of pool parties, BBQ's, beach balls, ice cream trucks and summer jams has officially come to a close. Football is back in season, sweatshirts are coming out of storage, leaves are dangling from trees and Drake is about to release an album—that can only mean one thing: Fall is here.

And what comes with fall? School. Whether you're a student, a teacher or an administrator, the arrival of fall means you'll be buying a new binder, investing in folders, sharpening your pencils, cramming your summer reading into one night and trying to decide if that shirt you bought last week is still as cool as you think it is. But don't forget one more back to school essential? A back to school playlist.

It's not easy to roll out of bed every morning and get to class before the bell rings, so XXL has assembled a 15 song playlist that will help keep you feeling inspired. We've also gone ahead and selected a few songs that provide some helpful tips about how to survive your educational experience. Maybe you already started class a couple weeks ago. Maybe you were locked up in summer school for the last three months. Maybe you don't even go to school any more, but you're just feeling nostalgic. These 15 songs will provide the perfect soundtrack to your quest for knowledge. And you don't even need a hall pass. -Compiled By Dan Jackson And Eric Diep

"I Can" Nas
Because every student needs some helpful tips from God's Son himself.

"My Adidas" Run DMC
Because it's essential to look fresh on the first day of school and there's no better way to start the year than with a new pair of sneakers.

“Fresh Az Im Iz” Bow Wow
Because you gotta dress to impress on the first day of school.

"Parents Just Don't Understand" Fresh Prince And DJ Jazzy Jeff
Because they really don't.

"School Spirit" Kanye West
Because it's probably better than your cheesy fight song.

"Started From The Bottom" Drake
Because even if you're a lowly freshman, you came from somewhere.

"Dreamin'" Big K.R.I.T.
Because you'll probably be doing a little day dreamin' in class, so why not take some notes from a master of the form.

"Hate It Or Love It" The Game Featuring 50 Cent
Because even 50 Cent used to ride a yellow school bus.

"The Whole World" OutKast Featuring Killer Mike
Because you'll probably staring at a map all day in history class.

"Git Up Git Out" OutKast Featuring Goodie Mob
Because you gotta get involved.

"Principal's Office" Young MC
Because that's the place you wanna avoid.

“I Wanna Be With You” DJ Khaled Featuring Nicki Minaj, Future And Rick Ross
Because you might as well find a girlfriend/boyfriend now before it’s too late.

"Get Silly" V.I.C.
Because that back-to-school dance is gonna be silly.

"You Deserve It" Future
Because you do.

"Khaki Pants" The NSJ Crew
Because sometimes you gotta do the khaki dance.

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