Birdman’s recent mentorees Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan are quickly ascending to rap superstardom. Since under Stunna’s wing, the Atlanta rappers have proved they have a lot of potential in their hitmaking abilities and what they are about to become in hip-hop. On arguably the best mixtape of 2014, Rich Gang deliver Tha Tour that’s chock full of big songs like “Flava,” “730” and “I Know It,” while showcasing their electric chemistry. It makes perfect sense that the trio capitalize on the momentum and churn out more bangers in a form of an album.

On Monday night (Oct. 27), XXL was invited to Quad Recordings in NYC to hear some records from Rich Gang 2. During the listening, Stunna stated that they’re planning to drop a mixtape on Halloween, which he later confirmed the titles in our interview later that night. Birdman doesn’t explain much about each songs; he rather would let them play out and let listeners judge for themselves. The usual protocol is to give everyone a tracklist and we would follow along, but Birdman stated he had over 800 songs to choose from, so the few he played were what he considered standouts.

Birdman also didn’t give us any track titles, but one detail we do know is rising producer London On Da Track will play a big role in Rich Gang’s upcoming projects. During the one-hour session, we jot down some of the hottest lines from Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan and Birdman. He even gave us teaser of Juvenile’s forthcoming single featuring Drake, so we pulled some dope lines from that one too.

Look out for the second Rich Gang album on Nov. 24.

"I'm feelin' myself, I'm so conceited / They sleepin' on Homie, they Tempur-Pedic" — RHQ

"I'm drinkin' lean like I'm sick / How can I be broke if my first name Rich?" — RHQ

"I'm fuckin' Stunna, ass big Humma" — YT

"Me and Thugga Thugga we the new Hot Boys / A lot of Cash Money, niggas Hot Boys / Lil Wayne, Juvenile, we the Hot Boys / Turk, BG, yeah, we the Hot Boys" — RHQ

"It still feels like yesterday when Magnolia Slim had got shot / I don't know why he got 'em though, that ain't the way that he ride" — Juvenile

"Hurricanes had took everything, but there's money still to get got / I'm staying here and I'm never leaving until I rot" — Juvenile

"Slim and Baby, that's my uncles, man I'm glad they brought me back" — Juvenile

"I just bought a Rollie just to dip it gold" — YT

"Never judge a book by its cover unless the author says" — YT

"Never want to be average, all I want to see is Gladys" — Birdman

"Never ever want to be my daddy / All I ever didn't want to be, and I all I ever want to be is him" — Birdman

"Why? Three little words. W-H-Y? / I don't know why I cheat on her" — RHQ