On Friday (March 23), 6ix9ine stopped by Power 105's The Breakfast Club for an in-depth interview where no question was off the table. From his beefs with The Game, Casanova and Trippie Redd, to allegations of being a registered sex offender, the "Gummo" rapper revealed a ton about himself.

As one of hip-hop's most polarizing figures, 6ix9ine made comments that are sure to leave many hip-hop fans angry. Speaking about his status in New York hip-hop, 6ix9ine called himself the hottest artist in the city and the most hated. "Everyone wants to come for me. How many people came for me," he said. "I'm ready to die and I'm ready to kill."

Check out 6ix9ine's interview and the 10 things you need to know from it below.

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    He's the Hottest Artist in New York City

    New York rappers are always claiming the title of King of New York, but during his appearance on The Breakfast Club, 6ix9ine wasn't letting anyone, not even Cardi B, take the crown from him. "Every song I put out makes Billboard top 100," the "Gummo" rapper said. "I don't get no co-signs. I don't got no G-Eazy co-sign. I don't got no Offset co-sign. I'm self-made. I started it."

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    He Thinks J Prince Jr. Is "Clout Chasing"

    6ix9ine recently ran into some issues with J Prince Jr. when the rapper allegedly was denied entry into Prince Jr.'s Houston party. But according to 6ix9ine, the reason he wasn't let in was because he and his crew didn't make it in time.

    6ix9ine says J Prince Jr. supposedly wanted to discuss a private matter with him before letting him in the party. "I guess it was a situation that we gotta address in private before we make it public," the rapper said. The "Billy" artist also called J Prince Jr. a "clout chaser" for revealing the situation three days after it happened. "You a grown ass man with kids," he said.

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    He Didn't Perform at SXSW Worldstar Concert Due to Lack of Security

    6ix9ine was supposed to headline a Worldstar concert in SXSW but the rapper never took the stage. According to 6ix9ine, after noticing that J Prince Jr. was hanging around the stage during performances from YFN Nahmir, Tee Grizzley and more, he called Jay from Worldstar to see if his safety would be guaranteed.

    "It just started looking like a setup to me," he said. "How am I supposed to give your venue, your crowd a good performance and I supposed to be looking over my back?" he continued. "I'm not about to get Worldstar'd on a Worldstar stage."

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    Casanova Allegedly Uses 6ix9ine's Name for Popularity

    One of 6ix9ine's many feuds has been with Casanova, but according to 6ix9ine, the rapper is just using his name for clout. "You know what he did for a marketing scheme? He put my name in the title of the song," 6ix9ine said about the song "Set Trippin" by Casanova. "You type in '6ix9ine' on YouTube, his video pops up."

  • 5

    He Was Influenced by DMX

    After discussing a few of his feuds, Charlamagne Tha God wanted to know a little bit more about 6ix9ine. The rapper revealed he's of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent and also shared one of his big influences in hip-hop. When asked if he was influenced by Onxy, 6ix9ine said no, revealing he was more influenced by DMX.

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    The Game Is Being Accused of Trying to Reignite His Career by Beefing With 6ix9ine

    6ix9ine's latest beef was found the rapper feuding with The Game, and he has an idea why Game may have picked a fight with him. "His career—he's trying to spark it," the rapper said. "You know, like an old marriage—he trying to spark it up. It's over, Blood. Hang it up."

  • 7

    He's Not a Registered Sex Offender

    While the rapper has pleaded guilty for his role in a child sexual misconduct case, 6ix9ine revealed that he isn't a registered sex offender. The rapper also touched on people calling him a pedophile online, saying he's become numb to the comments.

  • 8

    Trippie Redd Is Jealous According to 6ix9ine

    At one point, 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd had a good relationship, recording the song "Poles1469." But after 6ix9ine left the label they were both signed to, he says Trippie became jealous of his work ethic. "I don't go no problem with him. I ain't trippin'," 6ix9ine said. "He's the one that brought it to light. He made it seem nasty."

  • 9

    He's Not Worried About Los Angeles Gangs

    6ix9ine has had his problems with Los Angeles gangs before but while the rapper says he's taking preventative measures against running into more problems, he also isn't worried. "I respect a lot of gang culture that happens in L.A. but there's gangsters all over the world, Blood," he said. "We gone hold our own."

  • 10

    The Fight at LAX Wasn't a Big Deal

    In February, 6ix9ine and his crew got into a massive brawl with another group of men at the Los Angeles International Airport. According to the rapper, what went down was just "regular shit" after his friend tried to help the other guys and a woman.

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