Just last week it was announced that Sunday, April 17 will mark Kanye West's return and second appearance at the 12th Annual Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. His first performance happened in April of 2006, but the difference between now and then? This year he’s actually an invited guest. Rumor has it that Yeezy wasn’t on the original lineup for the music festival in 2006, so he flew in 24-hours before gates opened and demanded to be added to the musical roster.

Well now that he doesn’t have to put up a fight to perform, he’ll be sharing the stage with a plethora of artists, some of which include Pittsburgh’s favorite freshman, Wiz Khalifa, and Nas & Damien Marley. But before he heads down to California’s Empire Polo Fields, XXLMag.com has few things he should keep in mind before he hits the stage.

1. Coachella has multiple stages, and different acts performing at the same time. Do not try to drown out artists and force them to stop playing.

2. Do not offend anyone; it might not be your typical crowd and the backlash could be damaging.

3. Please keep your clothes on. Southern California may not be ready to help photograph a second run of penal pics. Everyone there might be naked, but that doesn’t mean you should be.

4. You’re headlining with The Strokes. Both of you are on top of your respective genres; no need to fight.

5. Both you and the lead singer of The Strokes (Julian Casablanca) are known for your outrageous antics. Please behave.

6. Refrain from making any controversial political statements. The show is being webcast, and the mainstream media always puts you under a microscope.

7. It’s going to be hot, so find an outfit that is both fashionable and appropriate for the weather— no fur.

8. This might be the place, but try not to ask questions about devil worshipping. We don't need any more of those pesky Illuminati rumors.

9. Your friend Kim Kardashian lives in Calabasas, CA; that’s not too far from the show. Make sure to do well or she won’t keep you in her new video. We’re sure she’ll be there watching.

10. Be sure to tweet lots before and after you go on stage. Josh Groban needs additional material for his The Best Tweets of Kanye West album.