When music listeners think of "baby face," the world-renowned singer, songwriter and record producer Babyface could spring to mind. But in hip-hop, the word could take on a completely different meaning. The other baby-faced trend sweeping hip-hop is rappers using photos of children on their album covers.

The Notorious B.I.G.'s 1994 Ready to Die album cover is one of the most recognizable album artworks in hip-hop history. The crimson and black letters read "The Notorious B.I.G" and "Ready to Die" around the frame of a little boy. The baby on Biggie's cover is identified as Keith Yearwood, a New York native who found fame before he knew his ABCs. During the photo shoot for Biggie's cover art, which took place in 1994, Yearwood sat cross-legged, diapered down, afro picked to perfection with a puzzled look that indicated little to no awareness of the legacy he was stepping into.

Nearly two decades later, Drake's third studio album, Nothing Was the Same, arrived in 2013, and debuted with the rhymer in toddler form on the cover. Drizzy's younger self displayed his side profile as he's positioned among the clouds and clear blue sky. On the other side of the album cover, Drake, circa 2013, stares at his younger self. While the artwork was not solely responsible for the 658,000 copies the rapper sold in the album's first week of release, his take on the child photo trend started its own conversation.

DaBaby's 2019 album, Kirk, echoed similar sentiments with a father and son photo he used as his album cover art. The image showed a softer side to the 29-year-old rapper. Unlike the other covers on his projects, it wasn't Baby decked out in ice or surrounded by stacks of paper; it was Baby as a baby with his role model dad. A year later, DaBaby honored his brother, who passed in November of 2020, with My Brother's Keeper (Long Live G), an album that paid tribute to their relationship. The cover art was a photo of a moment when they were both children.

But Biggie, DaBaby and Drake aren't the only rappers to put children on their album covers. Here's an updated list of rap albums with children on the cover.

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