Philledphia artist, 1 AM, delivers a bouncy single "Bankroll In My Jeans." The track, which is produced by Andrew Meoray, finfds the youn upstart crooning about the fast life. "Had to make my new bitch fuck my last one/She say she ain't leaving till that cash come," 1 AM raps. The song came together after the he was at a friends crib and had a hook idea.

"I had a hook idea, I went to my homies crib and I sung the melody," he told XXL. "Then he started playing the keys. I wanted the record to be fun and uprising cause that's what the beat told me to do and thats how I always write my records."

1AM adds, "I always believe the beat tells you what to do and right now I feel like we getting back to the fashion era where it looks like the 1980's and people are taking more risks. I wanted to highlight that. My second verse is an ode to my team and the people around me, for where we've come and where we going."

Bump "Bankroll In My Jeans" below.

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