ZelooperZ is about to release his new album Bothic on Friday (March 4). It is cause for celebration in the Bruiser Brigade camp as the project will be the first official release from Danny Brown's Bruiser Brigade Records. With the album right around the corner, ZelooperZ decided to give fans a final preview of the project via the single "Heart" featuring Ratking member Wiki.

The Detroit MC's new single showcases his wild rapping style, but also highlights another one of his passions. ZelooperZ, who went to school for art, crafted the single's artwork as well. The Bruiser Brigade member spoke to XXL about his passion for art.

"I am an artist first," ZelooperZ said. "That’s what I do. I love art. I’ve been painting since I was a kid. Music is kind of my second love. I started drawing as a kid like [in] elementary school. When I got into high school, I started painting. I mostly do everything like art. I got into music by just growing up in a household with all different types of music playing, it kind of stuck with you. We used to freestyle in the kitchen [and during] dinnertime. It was like a musical household and I always liked rhyming."

As for the music, the sprawling "Heart" showcases ZelooperZ's frenetic raps while pairing him up with the more direct Wiki. The Detroit native told Noisey, who premiered the single, about how the two linked up.

"We played a show with Trash Talk in Detroit," ZelooperZ said. "He wild with it. Black Noise cool with Ratking, so I asked him to hit him up."

This collaboration with Wiki will be the only guest appearance featured on ZelooperZ's upcoming album Bothic.

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