Future's Beast Mode 16 project has been completed according to Zaytoven. The producer said that Future told him they have recorded enough songs for the project to drop at a moment's notice. Zaytoven did provide a small caveat by saying Future wants to continue recording new songs, though.

"I was with Future maybe three weeks ago and he was saying, 'I wanna keep recording songs but if it came to it [and] I needed to drop right now, we done. I'm confident in what we got right now to drop another Zaytoven and Future project,'" Zaytoven said. "We're really done, but we keep working though. Future's the guy where if I send him some beats while he on the road and there's a pack of beats that he really like – if there's a new vibe or new wave – he like man, keep feeding me more. Feed me more of this every day."

Zaytoven originally announced Beast Mode 16 back in June. The producer claimed the project would drop in July, but that obviously did not go as planned. He also said the new project would not be mixtape.

"We have Future’s Beast Mode 16. We did Beast Mode already, but we’re calling this one Beast Mode 16,” Zaytoven said in June. "This one is more like an album. It’s going to be like an Apple Music release, so it’s not going to be just a mixtape. I’m excited about that too."

Fans will have to hope Future is content with the songs he's recorded if they want to hear Beast Mode 16 soon. Zaytoven's revelation about the project's status might inspire the Future Hive to pester their favorite artist in an effort to make him drop the highly anticipated project.

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