For a guy who's just released his final album, Z-Ro sure sounds mighty competitive.

During a recent interview with Chowtime TV, the Houston legend touches on the way industry politics have prevented him from proving his superiority by indirectly or directly held him back from doing songs with the rap game's top MC's. One of those rappers Z-Ro regrets not being able to work with is, of course, JAY-Z. Peep the revealing two-part interview for yourself below.

Speaking on why he's decided to retire, Z-Ro says he keeps it too real in his music to be cool with a lot of people from his life outside of rap. It's during this portion of the conversation he launches into his belief that he's been cheated out of some opportunities in the rap game, with said missed chances depriving him of the chance to prove he's No. 1.

"Half of it is black-balling, because you know, I might not have kissed an ass I was supposed to kiss back then, and if I had to do it all over again, I would never even pucker my lips again," says the rap game vet, whose final album No Love Boulevard dropped a couple of weeks back. "But at that same time, I wanna be on them tracks with JAY-Z. I wanna be on the tracks with who ever ya'll feel is the one, so I can be like 'Pac in Juice and be like, 'Nah nigga, I'm the one.'"

Elsewhere in the interview, Z-Ro details the true story behind his classic song, "I Hate You Bitch," a track for which he shot a music video in a jail. If you've ever heard it, you know it's Z-Ro at his most vengeful and vunerable.

"So the nigga asked me like three questions. Like, 'What made you write 'I Hate You Bitch,' I was like, 'It was a bitch I hate.' The second question was like, 'What that bitch do?' I was like, 'Bitch took everything and sent me to jail.' You know what I'm saying? Third question was like, 'Do you remember the song?' I'm like, 'Hell nah, I did that shit last year.'"

Z-Ro says the person who brought the camera to jail that day then let him listen to the track through his headphones, and afterwards, he asked if Z-Ro'd be down to shoot the video in jail. He agreed, and that's how we got the "I Hate You Bitch" music video. Crazy.

Check out Z-Ro's revealing interview below. The bit about industry politics and JAY-Z comes in right at around the 4:18 mark in the first clip. The true story behind "I Hate You Bitch" can be found in the video below that.

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