Z-Ro is fully embracing his OG status. The Houston rapper asserts his position in the rap game in the video for his song "OG." The Mo City Don pays tribute to the likes of DJ Screw and Fat Pat while letting the world know to not mess with him.

"They say it's over for Vandross, well they lied nigga/Who the fuck start shooting everybody in the parking lot, that was my niggas/Better watch what you say about people like me/They won't even charge me, they gon do it for free/Now you trying to apologize/Oh, you a bitch nigga just like I knew you would be/Better look both ways before you cross the street/Cause a nigga that's going bald might come and take you off your feet," Z-Ro raps.

Z-Ro's influence on hip-hop is undeniable as he was one of the more prominent artists to mix singing and rapping. In a conversation with XXL, the veteran MC talked about his reaction to the increased use of singing in hip-hop.

"Now everybody wants to change [his or her] song up [laughs]," Z-Ro said. "But I’m not sour about it or nothing because I still ain’t got to use no Auto-Tune or nothing when I do it. They doing something like what I’m doing, some of them. Even the niggas that don’t sound good doing it and they don’t give a fuck. It’s just syllables sometime."

If you're feeling "OG," make sure to check out Z-Ro's Legendary album. The Screwed Up Click member's latest LP is available now on iTunes.

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