Z-Ro may have just dropped his Drankin & Drivin album in July, but the Houston rapper is back with yet another release, with Legendary out today. The 15-track album is light on features, Mike D and Just Brittany, the lone guest spots, the album art a collage of Z-Ro's many albums, Legendary his 19th studio release since 1998.

Z-Ro spoke to XXL in July about his process and output, sayiing that his projects often times don't receive their due. "After you’ve been where I’ve been. I’ve turned in great bodies of work [but] when muthafuckas take it and leave it [on the shelf], I don’t like that shit," he said. "I want to see what’s going to happen with Drankin’ & Drivin’ before I turn in Ghetto Gospel, before I turn in Rotha Vandross Sings the Blues, before I turn in Legendary. It’s a lot of shit waiting to come out but you want to be sure before you give some platinum shit to a silver muthafucka."

Peep the Legendary tracklist below, with the album available to stream via Spotify further down. At this rate, Z-Ro should have a new project out in a matter of months.

Z-Ro's Legendary tracklist

1. “Never Wrote”
2. “OG”
3. “Drank & Smoke”
4. “My Time”
5. “I Know”
6. “Ain’t No Love”
7. “I Can” Feat. Mike D
8. “Skrewed Up”
9. “I’m Good”
10. “It’s Ok” Feat. Just Brittany
11. “One Deep 4 Life”
12. “Out His Mind”
13. “Thru the City”
14. “Dome, Kush, and Codeine”
15. “Come with Me”

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