Houston legend Z-Ro drops his newest single, "He's Not Done," off his "final" album No Love Boulevard. The LP will drop this Friday, June 30. On "He's Not Done," Z-Ro goes off, flexing his lyrical muscle over a minimalistic beat.

"Fuck these rappin' niggas/I was slappin' niggas/When I came around they were nervous/They say 'Ro ain't the best/He is just depressed/He ain't got it all/He is just a mess," raps the Mo City Don.

After an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Z-Ro claims he's hanging up his jersey after he drops No Love Boulevard. Listen to the last song he released off the album, “Belong to the Streets.”

The sales of his 2016 albums Drankin’ & Drinvin’ and Legendary could be a reason Z-Ro wants to retire from making music, which was something he hinted at in his 2016 interview with XXL.

"I got a lot of projects. But after you’ve been where I’ve been... I’ve turned in great bodies of work [but] when muthafuckas take it and leave it [on the shelf], I don’t like that shit," he said at the time. "So pretty soon I’m finna to stop giving you shit that you’re going to leave right there and nobody going to know about. I’ve done, in my opinion and plenty of others, some masterpieces and them shits don’t get out of Houston."

Z-Ro recently launched his own iHeart Radio Show titled “Angry Justice” alongside co-host Charles “Big Angry” Adams. The show covers controversial issues with no filter and airs 4-6 p.m. every Saturday.

Z-Ro's No Love Boulevard tracklist:

1. "Lost My Mind"
2. "From the Other Side"
3. "Solid"
4. "Belong to the Streets"
5. "They Don’t Understand"
6. "You’s a Bitch"
7. "Brang a Stacc"
8. "Devil in Me"
9. "Play Me"
10. "Kiwi"
11. "Lit Up"
12. "We Are"
13. "Bye Bye"
14. "He’s Not Done"

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