Z-Ro is working to keep B.G.'s name alive. The Houston rapper spoke to DJ Smallz and revealed that he and B.G. recorded an entire album together before Gizzle began serving a 14-year prison sentence.

"Free my n---a B.G. That's a real n---a right there. We actually did a whole album," Z-Ro said. "And what I do is every year and a half or so... Cause you know, a lot of people don't keep up with Gizzle but he has a helluva a stint in the fed. [It's] like 14 years. Right before he went, we was in the lab every day and night. In the streets, every day. We actually did an album. We called it HouOrleans."

Z-Ro explained that he doesn't want to release the entire project because he hopes he can put it out when B.G. is out of jail. But as long as the former Cash Money rapper is locked up, Z-Ro will put out material to keep him in people's minds.

"To keep my n---a name going on some shit... I'm gonna try not use up the whole mufucking album meaning I hope they let him out way early," Z-Ro said. "I hope some shit happen. God has the final say. I'ma keep it gangster with him and every time I drop something... Well not every time because like I said, I don't wanna use it up. But I'm gonna try to drop something with him on it. His name is gonna be alive because he is alive and he's doing his thing. But I'm just doing my part."

Z-Ro told DJ Smallz that he hasn't been able to have any direct contact with B.G. due to his own issues with the law. He does get updates on B.G. through other sources.

"I've had indirect contact," Z-Ro explained. "A couple of my guys were down there locked up with him and I get a letter every now and then. And I'm told, 'B.G. said this. B.G. said that.' He appreciates putting this song out, keeping his name alive. And of course through people who were handling his business. They'll let me know B.G.'s down here holding his head up, writing, staying prayed up."

Earlier this year, B.G. participated in XXL's Doin' Lines feature. Check it out here for some insight into the New Orleans rapper's mindset during his prison stint.

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