While Florida rapper Yungeen Ace is bouncing back from a recent tragedy, a quadruple shooting involving his friends where only he survived, his music is catching fire against all odds. His newest video is "Demons," which is about showing your enemies zero sympathy. The video is dark and haunting, placing emphasis on Ace's performance.

The Adam Ben and A1Vision-directed footage starts out with candles in a darkened room, similar to a vigil. The scene quickly chnages, to show that Yungeen Ace is in a large house that is draped in red light. He spends the rest of the video walking through the house and rapping in different rooms. He closes the video out with a not-so-kind message to his naysayers, then finishes it with "2018 is my year!" He might just be right.

The video fits in with the song's subject matter, which consists of Ace's thoughts when he's pushed to the very edge. "These niggas done woke the demons out me/It's up in the smoke with everybody," he spits, double-time. "Fuck your mama, your sister, killin' everybody/I'ma show how you spin and kill everybody." He doesn't plan on sparing anyone from his wrath. The lyrics "These niggas done woke the demons out me/It's up in the smoke with everybody" also buoy various parts of the song.

Yungeen Ace has been hard at work, dropping "Fuck That" in June and "Jungle" with JayDaYoungan in July. He's also applying that work ethic to his soon-to-drop project Life Of Betrayal, which release on August 3.

Peep Life of Betrayal's tracklist, cover art and the "Demons" visual below.

Yungeen Ace's Life of Betrayal Project Tracklist

1. "True Story"
2. "Pain"
3. "Wanted" featuring NBA Youngboy
4. "Fuck That"
5. "Have You Ever"
6. "Love"
7. "Murdah"
8. "Jungle" featuring JayDaYoungan
9. "Hold Me Down"
10. "Find Myself"
11. "Best Friend"
12. "All In"
13. "Betrayed"

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