Yung Simmie is back in action on the music tip, as he's released his anticipated Big Smokey Vol. 1 mixtape for fans. The Miami rapper laces the new project with a total of 15 tracks featuring guests such as Lil Dred, Johnny Hopkins, Nell, Wolfko and more.

The brand new mixtape also contains production credits from the likes of HighAF, Evil Haze, LAW, Yungicey and more. Teasing the project back in August, Simmie dropped his "Deep In The Game" record, which is the first song on his latest mixtape.

He previously released Simmie Season 2, which he provided to fans last year. The 2016 tape contained production from the likes of PurrpDogg, Zay Muney and Jay Splash, as well as Yung Simmie himself.

Take a listen to the brand new mixtape from Yung Simmie below to hear what he's been cooking up.

Yung Simmie's Big Smokey Vol. 1 Tracklist

2. "Dinner Date"
3. "Rose Out The Concrete" Feat. Lil Dred
4. "Gotta Get It"
5. "Seashells" Feat. Lil Dred & Johnny Hopkins
6. "The Old Me"
7. "Hold Me Back"
8. "Str8 From The Slums" Feat. Jonny Hopkins
9. "Young & Reckless" Feat. Wolfko
10. "Smoking Out Da Pound"
11. "Fire & Fury" Feat. Rell
12. "Major Flows" Feat. Lil Dred
13. "Kangol"
14. "Not Tryn" Feat. Nell & Rell
16. "Big Smokey Outro"

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