Huntington Beach, Calif.'s own Yung Pinch is back. Recently, the talented West Coast upstart delivered fans "Lion," a free-wheeling concept song in which the rapper compares himself to the king of the jungle.

Produced by Matics, the smooth track finds Pinch, who's collabed with SOB x RBE in the past, flexing effortlessly as he finds numerous homophones for the word lion. He manages to find a bunch of them, too.

"Whoever told you that Yung P did not hit it must've been lying/Tell me who told you that I might just swoop on his bitch I ain't lying, yeah/I do it without even trying, don't need to talk I just silent/Let down my hair I'm a lion (girl yeah), let down my hair I'm a lion/Shawty fell right on my food chain, heard that she good imma try it," he spits on the hook.

Pinch's "Lion" is all a part of his #4EVERFRIDAY series of singles, which has seen the rapper give fans some brand-new music each week. Pinch is currently in the midst of his All 4 the Love Tour, which has sold-out 13 states thus far and is all set to hit the SXSW festival.

Check out Pinch's latest track for yourself below.

Yung Pinch via SoundCloud
Yung Pinch via SoundCloud

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