A couple days before dropping his eagerly anticipated Stranger album, Yung Lean dropped off a short film for the project. It's pretty interesting, to say the least.

Written and directed by Suzie and Leo, the new film takes some inspiration from classic Westerns and finds Yung Lean playing the role of a stoic roamer seemingly in search of inner-peace. He's got a decently thick coat of blood coloring his face for most of the seven-minute visual, the synopsis for which reads, "A fugitive turns into a demon then a sad clown and finally becomes a man again."

The visual begins with Lean, who plays the role of "Wanted Man," stumbling into a small town in what's presumably one of the Western states. At some point, he sees himself on a wanted poster, and it becomes clear he's on the run. He spends some time with a small boy, who grows to become cool with him, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like their friendship will be a long-lasting one. Lean's own music soundtracks the short film.

Today (Nov. 10), Lean finally unleashed his Stranger album, which is a perfectly melancholy constellation of melody and somber reflections over woozy, atmospheric production. If you liked "Hunting My Own Skin" and "Skimask," you'll definitely love the rest of the album.

Watch Yung Lean's short film for Stranger below. Check out the album itself when you're done with that.

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