And just like that, Yung Lean's Stranger album has arrived. Featuring his previously released tracks "Hunting My Own Skin," "Metallic Intuition" and "Skimask," the latest offering from the Swedish rapper checks in at 14 tracks and includes the atmospheric soundscape and woozy melodies the Sad Boy's become known for.

Melancholy permeates the entire album, which finds Lean flaunting a knack for melody and some vague, but introspective lyrics. "Hunting My Own Skin" is a perfectly smooth combination of melody and melancholy, whereas "Skimask," which sounds like a dark club anthem, shows Lean can get into some up-tempo flows as well.

"Percs, percs, percs, got me out of control/Iced-out on the floor rubber bands can't even fold/Girls all in my phone ho ho Santa Clause/Ski mask shawty praying down to my knees/Louis Sprite Gang shawty all over me/Check out my waist and check out my sleeves/When i ride around I keep my stacks on my feet," he spits on the song.

Stream Stranger for yourself below. Cop it on iTunes.

Yung Lean's Stranger Tracklist

1. "Muddy Sea"
2. "Red Bottom Sky"
3. "Skimask"
4. "Silver Arrows"
5. "Metallic Intuition"
6. "Push / Lost Weekend"
7. "Salute / Pacman"
8. "Drop It / Scooter"
9. "Hunting My Own Skin"
10. "Iceman"
11. "Snakeskin / Bullets"
12. "Fallen Demon"
13. "Agony"
14. "Yellowman"


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