Yung Joc debuted a new hair-do online Thursday (Aug. 25) and it is very much going down on Twitter as users riff on the style, comparing it to Dej Loaf, Spongebob Squarepants and more. Joc meanwhile took to Instagram to address the conversation centered around his head piece, suggesting that it's more than just a change of pace.

"Let me tell y’all somethin’," he says in the video below. "See it’s cool to be a follower, I guess. All y’all wanna look alike. But what if I just chose to do something different cause I knew your motherfuckin' ass was gonna talk about it? So I won. But then hold up, what if I wasn’t even doing it for that? What if I’m playing a movie role? Ultra smooth, cool ass cat that’s just fly. I can’t do that? I got the part in it. That shit look good. Real player shit, man. If I was a white boy it’d be cool. What would y’all do? Or what was y’all doing? It don’t even matter. I love ya anyway. Keep talking about me. And I still will take your bitch."

A quick look at Joc's iMDb shows that he is in fact filming a movie titled The Products of the American Ghetto which takes place in the 1960s. The film is written and directed by Henderson Maddox, with Joc's character listed as Mike Mo.

Still, that has't stopped those on Twitter from going in on Joc with some of the best comments included above.

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